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Month: March 2019

How to Spend an Overnight Layover in Reykjavik, Iceland

After a whirlwind week in London and Paris, our trip ended with an overnight layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. The only other time we spent in Iceland was a brief 2-hour layover in the beginning of the trip before boarding the plane to London. Going to Iceland wasn’t ever a thing for me. I was under […]

Seminole Heights gets vacay vibes from The Pink Pineapple tiki bar

Husband-and-wife Kimmy Bruehl and Eric McKinney love going to tiki bars. Whenever they travel to a new city, one thing they enjoy doing is trying out the local tiki bars. Unfortunately, whenever friends visited Tampa, there wasn’t one here so that gave them the idea to open one. Kimmy and Eric have experience working in […]

How to Spend 24 Hours in Paris

On the plane again! So after riding around London for the day, we hopped over to Paris right quick to see some sights. We started early that morning with a walk from the hotel to the bus stop to catch the transfer to the airport. There wasn’t much time to get super comfy on the […]

Where to Go for St. Patrick’s Day in Tampa

St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday and I’m sure everyone is running around looking for things to get into for the holiday. From numerous bar crawls, countless parties, and even some family-friendly things sprinkled in, there are plenty of options…even if you’re more interested in seeing what kind of special “green” foods restaurants are serving up. […]

Where to Eat in London For The First Time

Now y’all should know by now whenever Robert and I go out of town, we eat local. I’ve mentioned it several times before but eating at local spots gives travelers a sense of what the city is really like…plus some cities have some bomb food scenes and London is no different. Because it is a […]