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Month: June 2019

Where to Celebrate Father’s Day in Tampa Bay

Father’s Day weekend is upon us and it’s time to celebrate the old man. This year we aren’t having Dad grilling in the backyard for everyone else or him opening up the box to a random tie. It’s 2019 and there are so many other ways to let him know he matters. Pack the car […]

How to Travel Abroad and Not Look Like a Tourist

Making plans for domestic travel is simple: figure out the destination, pick a hotel, book a flight, and go. International trips are more intricate and require more planning. Obviously, because of language barriers, it’s best to learn a few easy phrases to navigate foreign countries. When Robert was in the process of planning our Europe […]

Shelter Farm Sanctuary gives all animals the right to live freely

Sanctuaries provide a “forever home” to animals that are neglected and mistreated. They arrive and end up feeling all the love and care they deserve in life. Mike and Jenni Presley of Shelter Farm Sanctuary in Arcadia(near Sarasota and Bradenton) are opening up their arms and welcoming any animal they can to their 5-acre farm. […]