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Year: 2020

“Fair-Tastic Foods” competition puts high school culinary students to the test

The Florida State Fair is coming up and the thing I’m most interested in is the food. Anything fried, sweet, or covered in something savory gets my coins. One of their annual events leading up to the big day is the Fair-Tastic Foods competition, where high school culinary students in Tampa Bay-area counties create a […]

Metropolitan Ministries’ Dough Nation moves to Carrollwood

Dough Nation opened it doors in Downtown Tampa back in 2017 to much fanfare. It was the first place in the city to offer the super popular food trend of the time, edible cookie dough. I was told a line was wrapped around the corner with people waiting to get one of the first few […]

January 2020 Food Happenings in Tampa Bay

The holiday season is finally over so we can (kinda) rest now and enjoy some new foods. There are a few healthier options to reset the body after all the indulgence from the last couple months. We know the food scene in this part of the state is vast, so here’s the current food happenings […]

Exploring the Black-Owned Food Scene in Miami

I really believe to really know what a city is about, explore the food scene. Not only is it fun, but it makes the trip more interesting. Honestly, I could probably go to any city and just eat all the food and be satisfied. Last month, Robert and I went to Miami for an early […]

Dessert Wars is the perfect food festival for a cheat day

I love desserts. Curbing my sweet tooth can be challenging sometimes because I see all the crazy and over-the-top creations on Instagram. I indulge occasionally when I can but that’s going out of the window for the  day when Dessert Wars comes to town. Dessert Wars is a competition where local vendors come together and […]