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Hogg Batch switches up your regular morning routine with barrel-aged coffee

Coffee can be a little regular at times. Beans, water, cream/sugar, and let it brew while you get ready in the morning. I’m sure it’s so routine to the point where you can do it with your eyes blindfolded. When I saw there were 2 Black men putting their own spin on the morning cup, […]

Conquering the Orlando food scene at The Ravenous Pig

When I left Orlando in 2007 to come to school in Tampa, the food scene there was kinda blah. There wasn’t really much in town besides chains. No shots to the chains but I think the local food scene tells me what I need to know about a place. I can learn anything and everything […]

Tampa Pig Jig serves up BBQ for a good cause

When a friend is going through a tough time, the simplest things can make them happy. It could be anything from getting ice cream to just being there for them when they need it. Ryan Reynolds and his friends created the Tampa Pig Jig to find a cure for their friend Will when he was […]

Italian Meditteranean concept Fork & Gallina opens in Hall on Franklin

The Hall on Franklin ushered in a new way of group eating in Tampa: the food hall. They’re convenient and offer a number of options in one location. The guys behind Fork & Hen, one of Hall on Franklin vendors, came out with a brand-new Italian/Meditteranean fusion concept named Fork & Gallina. It replaces the […]

My First Teaching Experience at the Enoch D. Davis Youth Farm

The last time I taught anyone’s child was a long time ago when I tutored for a few months after I graduated college. The kids I tutored were mainly in elementary and middle school with issues reading and math. They were all great and I enjoyed teaching them. When I left to start a new […]