Fun-Tastic Foods: Pinellas County students win Florida State Fair food contest

The Florida State Fair usually has a contest for their vendors to see who can create the most unique fair food. This year, they decided to extend the invitation to high school culinary students in Pinellas County. The winners this year are: Joshua Harper and Mallory Kulak of Osceola Fundamental with Keith Simpkins and Ryley Bohlmann of Tarpon Springs High.

Here’s an excerpt from my Creative Loafing article:

“The Florida State Fair is known for out-there eats like doughnut burgers, enchilada funnel cake and catfish sundaes. This year, local culinary students had the chance to create their own innovative takes on fair food — with the hope that their recipes would be featured during the annual event.

Good news: A couple of them will be.

Prior to 2018, the Fair-Tastic Foods competition was a way for State Fair vendors to test their skills. But an expanded participation pool allowed kitchen wizards from several Pinellas County high schools to throw down in six categories: Anything on a Stick, Funnel Cake, Grilled Cheese, Deep Fried, Veggies and Surprise Us.

“With everything we do at the fair, we like to have educational opportunities. This was our opportunity to take fun fair food and bring in the students and schools,” said Florida State Fair Spokesperson and Director of Sales Terri Parnell-Longphee.” 

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