Sweet Soul opens in South Tampa

Vegan food continues to show us that it doesn’t mean bland and boring. Sweet Soul in South Tampa is proving that to a T. Soft serve ice cream, smoothies, and various bowls are options for vegans and even non-vegans like myself looking to try something different.

An excerpt from my Creative Loafing article:

“At this point, SoHo might be called “Little Ciccio.” Most of Ciccio Restaurant Group’s food ventures are quite close to one another within the bustling Tampa neighborhood. And the latest addition to the CRG family — Sweet Soul, opening soon at 1101 S. Howard Ave. — is no different.

Co-owner Taylor Winter, who’s been working with the local restaurant empire for a year or so, developed the idea behind the health-conscious concept, which specializes in vegan- and paleo-friendly menu items like smoothies, acai bowls and soft-serve ice cream.

Customers will also leave with a greater understanding of the paleo diet and veganism, along with superfoods like matcha and lucuma (a Peruvian fruit).

“Sweet Soul Soho means having respect for oneself and what [people] put in their bodies,” according to Winter.

The residents of SoHo piqued Winter’s interest in launching a food spot within the area. It’s got an energetic, exciting vibe, she says, and the large concentration of folks with active lifestyles makes Sweet Soul a great fit, too.”

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Photo courtesy of Taylor Winter