5 Spring Shoe Trends To Try Right Now

Shoes can easily make or break an outfit. When I’m putting a look together, one of the first things I think of is which shoe can I wear and I’ll build the look around the shoe. Of course, no one is perfect so bad shoe choices happen (I’m guilty of making a few bad choices myself). Just like with clothing trends, shoe trends change with every season too. When spring shoe trends come out, I know the weather is about to heat up. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to break out my sandals and backless loafers.

This spring, shoes are going to be different than previous spring shoe collections. There’s more excitement and a hint of sexiness. I’m always down for a bit of sexy when the occasion arises. These are the trends you’ll be stepping out in this season:


Strappy sandals are one of the mainstays in my closet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a heel or flat sandal, straps secure everything down…plus the straps make for some cute accents. I don’t have to worry about the shoe coming off my foot or any other issues.

Laney Sandal

Laney PomPom Lace Up Sandal $49.95

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom


Haskel II sandal

Haskell II Strappy Sandal $44.50

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom


When are boots never trending? The oldest pair I have in my closet right now are a pair of riding boots I got at a thrift store in 10th grade. The boots of 2018 are more about luxury and opulence and less about the line dances at your local hoedown. Trust and believe, you won’t see these at the next barnyard wedding.

Ace Western Boot

Ace Western Boot $35.00

Photo courtesy of Topshop


My feelings for buckled shoes are the same as strappy shoes: secure feet and cute accents. Fortunately, they can be adjusted to foot size. Buckles tend to be huge but smaller sizes are what’s poppin. You’ll see buckles on everything from flat sandals to heels to backless loafers.

Grey Western

Grey Western Buckle Faux Fur Lining Sandal $17

Photo courtesy of Missguided


Not only is this about mesh or fishnets, plastic is involved too. If you still have those plastic heels that’ve been wildly popular over the last couple years, don’t fret because you can still wear them(or buy new pairs).

See Me

See Me $99.95

Photo courtesy of Steve Madden


Kitten Heels

Back in high school, this was my go-to when I wanted to dress up my basic jeans and tshirt combo. Kitten heels add a touch of “lady-like” to any look and won’t be off your feet in 5 minutes.

Slingback Kitten Heel

Slingback Shoes with Tied Bow $49.90

Photo courtesy of Zara