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4 Ways to Style Bantu Knots to Wear With Your Big Hoop Earrings

Y’all. It’s summer and it’s so. freakin. hot. Any kind of humidity causes frizz while all the sweat causes anything cute to fall flat on your face. During the summer, I try to do protective styles as much as I can to shield it from the sun. Plus, with all the vacations I have lined up over the next couple of months, any kind of protection comes in handy when I’m not able to do my weekly wash.

One style I go to a lot is Bantu Knots. I don’t know about you but when I wear them, I feel powerful. I remember my mom trying to get me to wear them when I was younger but, of course being in middle school, I thought I’d look weird and get picked on. When I was older, I started to appreciate the style more and the vibe it gave off. It was like I was oozing all kinds of #BlackGirlMagic and no one can stop me. Bantu Knots can be done on any length of hair so the women with TWA’s or that weird, awkward length, y’all can wear them also.

TWA-Friendly Bantu Knots by Olive Chels

Knots and braids go together perfectly. Add beads on the ends for more decoration.


Triple Knot Braided Updo by The Chic Natural 

Larger knots cause less stress than smaller ones plus adding cornrows brings more edge to the knots.


Jumbo Bantu Knots by Love Your Natural

Add a couple twists or plaits to your jumbo knots for a playful take on the style.


2 Ways to Glam Up Bantu Knots by Carol’s Daughter

Bantu Knots can be glammed up for a different take on special occasion hairstyles. Make a crown out of the knots or add flowers.

How often do you wear Bantu Knots? Do you glam them up or keep it simple?


Header photo courtesy of Essence Magazine