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#ItsYourBirthday: Spending a Sister’s Day at Busch Gardens

My sister Terralyn and I are super close and funny considering we fought all the time when we were younger; she was that annoying little sister that followed me everywhere. She used to be OBSESSED  with Powerpuff Girls and the movie Bring It On (the first one aka the best one). She’s 22 now so we spent the day at Busch Gardens earlier this week. Last time we were at the theme park was over a decade with our mom so this was the first time going together as adults.

I’ve been going to Busch Gardens my entire life and it never gets old. Every memory I have from childhood rushes back. I can attach a memory to almost any ride.

I’m always excited when she comes to stay over at my apartment. I’m extremely positive we get on my boyfriend’s nerves with our shenanigans the entire time. The night before we went to Busch Gardens, I made sure she printed out the tickets and read the fine print so no issues arise before we stepped foot anywhere in the park.

We arrived at the park about 15 minutes before the park opened and I swear I was sweating buckets before we even got in good. Honestly, the waits for all the rides weren’t bad either. For example, Cheetah Hunt had a 50-minute wait time but we were only in line for 30 minutes tops. I guess because it being a Sunday makes a difference.

The part that sucked was the rainfall when we were thisclose to getting on Kumba. Of course, the theme park shuts down temporarily but once it started thundering, I knew it was going to be a longer wait to get back on the ride. The only thing left to do at that point is eat.I ate the 1/2 chicken platter at the Zambia Smokehouse and it was glorious. Juicy chicken with a soft roll is enough to satisfy me and erase the sadness of not being able to ride Kumba.

I’m looking for the next time to go to Busch Gardens and live my best life. What’s your favorite ride at the theme park?

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