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#BlackIsBeautiful: Black Women on the Cover of September Issues

Growing up, the motto was always “root for everybody black”. As a Black woman, I get excited each and every time there is a Black woman doing something great. Magazine covers are apart of that criteria. Whenever I can, if there is a Black woman on a magazine cover, I’m buying it. Black women don’t get many magazine covers already so when I buy one, my goal is to show my future daughter that Black women are the shit and beautiful. I want her to have an appreciation for herself and people that look like her.

Black women on the cover of September issues is a huge deal. The September issue of any magazine is a huge deal for a few reasons: it’s the beginning of Fashion Month, the largest issue for the year, and is highly esteemed. Anyone is lucky to be on the cover of that issue. When I first started seeing the previews of next month’s magazine covers on Instagram and several blogs, I noticed majority of them were Black women. I get hype immediately!

Being able to look at all the beautiful Black women on those covers makes me feel seen. So often, Black women aren’t seen as a beauty standard but these covers prove otherwise. Now, everyone can see and appreciate our beauty. Skin glistening, hair poppin, and slaying all the fashions goes to show we got it. Another thing: the fact that it’s Black women of different shades speaks VOLUMES. This kind of representation isn’t seen too often in the mainstream. I appreciate the fact this is happening more now because images are available everywhere and we all want  to feel like we belong and matter.

It’s taking everything in my body to not scoop up all the covers and throw my bank account away. It’s so worth it. I’m ecstatic little Black girls can see themselves in the magazine covers and Black women can rejoice because finally we’re on ALL the magazine covers.