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Tampa’s Xtreme Tacos to open new location in Seminole Heights

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Sofie Warrenbrand and Uziel (Uzi) Ramirez of Xtreme Tacos. They describe their food as “authentic Mexican but with an edge”. Earlier this year, they announced on their Facebook page they closed their Sulphur Springs restaurant. Everyone, including me, was shocked. For my latest Creative Loafing article, I give an update on their new location and what’s in the works for them.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Owners Sofie Warrenbrand and Uziel Ramirez opened the popular Xtreme in February 2017. According to the duo, they shuttered along Waters due to issues with the building and its proprietors. Although they took a much-needed break before diving back into the taco business with a food truck (more on that in a sec), Ramirez and Warrenbrand say there was an enormous response from the community within days of their closure.

People wanted to help.

“I made the announcement on Facebook and the owner of 7venth Sun Brewery, Devon Kreps, jumped in right away and told us we can park our truck in front of the brewery,” Warrenbrand said. “We did the next day.”

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

“We used the food truck once a week to go to Taco Tuesdays at c.1949 and other events. Going from that to actually running the whole business out of the truck was scary,” said Ramirez.

You can find Sofie and Uziel running their business from their truck currently at 7venth Sun Brewery and other locations during the week. Sofie and Uziel are working hard on getting their new brick-and-mortar in Seminole Heights situated for everyone. To read more about their process, click here to read “What to expect from the new brick-and-mortar location for Tampa’s Xtreme Tacos” and see what they have in the works.