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Vegan hot dog cart Nah Dogs brings all the soy-based meat to Downtown St. Pete

When’s the last time you remember seeing a hot dog cart out on the street? I feel like it’s not unusual to see them at fairs or sporting events. But, if you were out late with your friends and got a craving for one all of a sudden, wouldn’t you want to be able to have one immediately? That’s the premise behind St. Petersburg’s new vegan hot dog cart Nah Dogs. Husband and wife duo Jeff and Jenny Howe are making their debut next month with their soy-based, 100% vegan hot dogs.

This interview was the first time I ever did one over FaceTime and they’re very cool people. They both work full-time jobs so Nah Dogs is going to be a weekend-only venture for now.

Here’s more about Nah Dogs:

“It’s been a while since downtown St. Pete had a veggie hot dog hawker (like, a whole six years). But with the influx of vegan and vegetarian restaurants across the city, St. Pete locals and vegetarians Jeff and Jenny Howe believe now is the right time to roll out their vegan hot dog cart: Nah Dogs.

Nah Dogs aims to attract a clientele of veg-heads and meat-eaters alike.

“We played with the idea for a little while and talked about the idea of it,” Jenny says. “I think this town is progressing more towards a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, so it seemed like a good time to finally do it.”

The inspiration for the roving, stainless-steel cart came after the husband-and-wife duo chowed down at downtown Orlando’s Vegan Hot Dog Cart. Similar to the popular street food spot in O-Town, they want to offer healthier options to the St. Pete crowd during late nights out, but also sporting events.”

To learn more about Nah Dogs and how they plan to conquer St. Pete one wiener at a time, go here.



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