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How to Spend an Overnight Layover in Reykjavik, Iceland

After a whirlwind week in London and Paris, our trip ended with an overnight layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. The only other time we spent in Iceland was a brief 2-hour layover in the beginning of the trip before boarding the plane to London. Going to Iceland wasn’t ever a thing for me. I was under the impression it was just cold and ugly all the time…I was right about it being cold though. The weather in London and Paris was decent; all I needed was a couple layers. But Iceland though…I needed LAYERS.

Ice and snow were everywhere and temperature was in the high 20s. Even walking down the street was a task. Although we only spent one overnight layover in Reykjavik, Iceland, there’s still a few places I want to go…maybe next time.

Hlemmur Mathöll

The food hall trend is one of the most popular trends as of late. Personally, I think the halls are a big convenience. It’s the opportunity to try out different foods in a smaller space without having to walk around a large food court. We ate at 4 vendors: SKÁL, Flatey Pizza, Banh Mi, and Jómfrúin. The most eclectic thing I ate there was there pepperoni and date pizza Robert chose. Never thought I’d see the day  I’d be eating that combo but it was delish with the salty pepperoni and the sweet dates obviously. We paired the not-so-common combo  with a Moscow Mule from Jómfrúin and


The thing about driving around Reykjavik is that the streets were narrow, plus covered in snow and ice. After we left the food hall, the next stop was Hallgrímskirkja, an old Lutheran church that is also the highest in Iceland. If anyone has seen the old Disney movie Fantasia, the church looks like it could be part of the movie somehow. There was an event going on at the church when we pulled up(I don’t remember if it was a church service or concert) so we didn’t get go inside.

Cafe Haiti

The morning of our flight back to the states was quick. From the hotel, we got a bite to eat at Cafe Haiti, located at the Old Harbour. It’s a small, quaint eatery with baked goods and breakfast. I had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with egg and pancakes. Fortunately for Robert and I, we were the only customers in the cafe so we were able to talk to the server and one of the owners. After that, we drove back to the airport to begin our 8-hour flight back to the states.