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Zentu Café wants to change the vegan/plant-based game

Vegan/plant-based foods are growing in popularity because we’re all looking for healthier versions of our favorite junk foods. The common misconception with vegan/plant-based is the food is bland or there aren’t many options. Mobile kitchen Zentu Café in Tampa wants to change that perception. It’s only been open for a couple months but it’s going to change the game. Co-owner and -founder Tim Fedorko is switching the menu every month to show people how simple it is to make any cuisine vegan.

The options at Zentu Café don’t disappoint. As someone who isn’t vegan but appreciates the lifestyle, I’m excited to see what’s about to happen at the mobile kitchen. I met up with Chef Tim to talk about his idea for Zentu and what he sees in the future for the kitchen. Here’s a peek:

Zentu Café executive chef Tim Fedorko and co-owner Benny Blanchard established their mobile kitchen located within Blue Torch Cigars and Winery at 5908 N. Armenia Avenue.

Blanchard is also the owner of The Human’s Mechanic in Seminole Heights, while Fedorko is one of the previous owners of Farmacy Vegan Kitchen & Bakery

Fedorko handles the culinary brain while Blanchard finesses the finances and played a huge role in securing the location for the mobile kitchen.

The kitchen opened in February shortly after Valentine’s Day, and has been making plant-based lovers’ hearts throb ever since.

The menu at Zentu Café is a 100% plant-based cuisine using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. 

Each month a new menu is rotated in to keep customers’ taste buds on high alert. Currently, a 4/20-inspired menu is available, with options like the Burnt Joes, a spicier take on the traditional Sloppy Joe; the Woke Wendy sandwich, a riff on a spicy chicken sandwich made with yucca, chickpea, and cauliflower; and a sweet concoction of roasted jackfruit and mango BBQ sauce called the Hill Billy sandwich.”

Zentu Café can be found on Facebook and Instagram. To read the rest of the story, click here.