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Beauty-Related Things I Want to Do in 2019

Anything beauty-related was never on my radar. I didn’t really grow up doing the typical “girly” things like having getting my nails done every couple weeks. I’m more of the “au natural” tribe. The only thing related to beauty that I was interested in was my hair. Of course, I kept it simple: wash, blow-dry,  and flat iron. Honestly, bleaching my hair is the most drastic thing I’ve ever done in my life and even then I thought about doing it for years until I pulled the trigger in 2015.

Whenever I did something in the beauty realm, it was usually for special occasions. I’d been so against pampering myself with stuff because I always looked at how much it costs instead of how it made me feel. I’m starting to get more interested in doing things that make me look and feel good.


I came across dermaplaing a few months ago through a Refinery29 video. Exfoliating is cool and everything but something about seeing the scalpel scraping off the dead skin, hair, and whatever else makes me feel like dermaplaning may be a better solution. Now, I think in conjunction with a facial, my skin can have me looking like Edgewater circa 2003. I feel like there’s only so much a washcloth can do for my skin. Not only are both of those things helpful for making sure my skin stays smooth and supple, they’re also a bit of luxuriousness I need in my life.


My nails have been long my entire life but getting manicures just weren’t something that interested me. I thought it was a waste of money especially when the polish chipped at some point; even painting them myself let like a waste. Robert and I went back and forth for a while about me getting a manicure because I’d always fight against the idea. The idea to settle and finally get my nails done happened a couple months ago when Robert and I were out with some friends and that’s when I learned about NailsByDaisyLe. I already saw an article on Glamour about nail trends for spring and summer so I already knew what design I wanted.

From there, I was obsessed. I look all over Instagram for inspiration and saved the hashtags #marblenails, #tiedyenails, and #foilnails for future looks. I find that gel polish is so much better on my nails than acrylics. The last time I got acrylics done, my nails felt week for months and broke easily. I realized just recently my nails look like they’ve grown more with the gel polish. Plus, they still feel strong so I know I won’t have an issue with them the next time I let them breathe for a bit.

More Braids/Sew-Ins

I hardly ever do anything to my hair besides curly, twist out, or a bun. Any Black woman growing up knows that the only time we REALLY got our hair done is for special occasions. The last time I really got my hair done is last year for my graduation. I want to get out of the idea that pretty hair=special occasions and actually get it done when I feel like it. Whenever I go to the hair salon, my usual is very basic: a wash, blow-dry, and flat iron. Considering this is Florida and I work out at the gym, a flat iron isn’t going to last me a day. I’m not entirely sure how many hair videos I watch on Youtube but it’s beyond time to switch that. Plus, whatever I don’t want to do to my own hair, I can do to hair that isn’t “mine” necessarily.

Honorable Mention: Red Lip

A red lip always reads “glamour” to me. Folks like Tracee Ellis Ross and Gwen Stefani wear a red lip in their everyday life and it looks beyond gorgeous on them. Of course, the key to finding that perfect red lip is finding a shade that works with your skin tone. I have a couple red lipsticks in a makeup bag I usually wear for special occasions. A red lip elevates a casual outfit to something that required some kind of effort. Like Tracee, I’m not wearing mine with foundation; I like the contrast of having a bare face with a “glamorous” red lip.