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Shula Burger in SOHO mixes sports and shakes this fall

The first time I ever heard of Shula Burger is last year when it re-opened in the SOHO area of Tampa after being at Tampa International. I remember wanting to go to the grand opening but I didn’t making it because of a prior engagement. In those instances, I’ll just save it on Yelp for another time.

Shula Burger in SOHO hosted me and Robert for a little weekend lunch rendezvous last week. I’m not a sports fanatic so the name “Shula” doesn’t register with me at all. If any sports-related subject is outside the realm of fashion or who an athlete’s significant other is, that’s all Robert. I got excited when I saw a photo of Don Shula and Jay-Z on the wall and Robert looks at me and says that happens when you’re head coach of Miami Dolphins.

One of the surprising things that happened is I didn’t really have to say who I was. Usually, I introduce myself at the front desk so everything moves smoothly. As soon as I walked up to the counter, I got out a couple syllables of my first name before I was told they know who I am. I ordered the Black and Blue burger with sweet potato fries and a complimentary Pumpkin Pie shake. My boyfriend and I were the only people in there after a family left. I enjoyed my burger a lot; the patty was juicy and the taste of the blue cheese crumbles are definitely noticeable. It’s not just a couple crumbles of cheese; you’ll know they’re there.

Yea, regular fries are cool and all but, maybe because it’s fall, I’ve been eating more sweet potato fries more. I’m so used to eating them sprinkled with cinnamon sugar so I paused for a second when I realized the fries are sprinkled with regular salt. It’s a nice departure from having them automatically be sweet. The salt wasn’t a distraction either.

Lastly, Shula Burger came out with a Pumpkin Pie shake on their fall menu for $3.99 that lasts until November. If you’re not into overly sweet desserts that leave you feeling like you’re getting a cavity the moment you’ve had your last sip, this is for you. The shake is enjoyable, sweet, and airy.

Head over ASAP to try out their new fall menu in SOHO when you can before it’s gone.