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7 Places on My Travel Bucket List

I don’t know about you but for me, any time away from work is essential. I look forward to using any vacation hours and I don’t look forward to going back to work. It doesn’t matter if I’m staying in Tampa the entire time or actually going somewhere, the last thing I’m trying to do is clock in for work. I’ve been to a few places already but there’s still a few spots I need to travel to.

My travel bucket list is something I’ve been thinking about more recently. My goal is to go down the list and just knock them all off. I know the list may not ever end because there’s always going to be somewhere else I want to travel but isn’t that the point of having the bucket list??

St. Augustine

My first time in the city was during a 4th grade field trip. We walked around the Castillo de San Marcos, saw the oldest schoolhouse, and I remember a street vendor making a rose out of a palm leaf for me. The last time I went to St. Augustine was almost a decade ago when my aunt and I traveled to several lighthouses on that side of Florida. For a few months now, I’ve thought about going back off and on for another solo trip like my Naples trip last year. I think if I play my cards right, I can make a weekend out of it.



Egypt is one of my OG obsessions since childhood. All of the Ancient Egyptian history fascinated me to no end and I vowed to go one day. Also, the pyramids are so beautiful and it’ll be super interesting to see such old artifacts in person. I’m just trying to see all the museums and all the monuments really. There was a period of my life as a kid where I wanted to name my children Ramses and Tzipporah because I watched The Prince of Egypt ALL. THE .TIME. Fun fact: my name was almost Cleopatra.



National Geographic magazines were my way of learning about the world around me. I’ve read countless issues covering this continent and it’s always the most gorgeous photos. The one part of the continent I’m low-key obsessed with and dying to see in person are their indigenous people, the Aborigines. Every photo of them is breathtaking and I’m in even more awe with each photo. Besides food and the Aborigines, I think I’m more interested in seeing more of the nature of Australia like the Great Barrier Reef(I know…super touristy but still).



Savannah became an obsession the first time I watched the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. I don’t remember my exact age but I’m sure I may have been too young to watch. Either way, I was hooked. I think Savannah is on the same level of New Orleans where the old and “young” parts of the cities are near each other, making for an interesting juxtaposition between the past and the future. I’d love to explore the Black history of the city because I know those tales run DEEP and there’s no escaping it. Savannah seems like the typical “sleepy, Southern town” where time moves slowly.



It’s amazing how gorgeous this place is. My therapist does a few light flexes during our sessions where she’ll namedrop places she and her husband traveled and Santorini is a place she’s mentioned. Of course, I can’t help but stan. Just like Egypt, it’s insane to look at ancient objects like the Parthenon, Acropolis, or the temples we’ve only read about in mythological stories. I know the stories aren’t true but what if the Ancient Greek gods were real?



I just want to be able to walk around like the dancing woman emoji and have a ball dancing in the streets. It looks like everyone is super laid-back and chill with no real care in the world. I’m interested in taking any walking tour I can find especially if it deals with the impact of the Moors on the Spanish culture.


Napa Valley

I mean…who doesn’t love a good glass of wine? The last time I went to anyone’s winery was at least almost 2 whole decades ago. There are close to 500 wineries with tasting rooms in Napa currently. Honestly, I wouldn’t even pack a whole suitcase full of clothes, I’d pack the most basic items and leave enough room for a few bottles to bring back home with me. I can already imagine myself going to all the tastings and not doing much else.


What cities or countries are on your travel bucket list?