Fall/Winter Essentials to Have in Your Closet

Listen, we all need essentials to get us through every season. For the hotter months, I make sure I have my sandals and dresses on deck because that’s what I’m trying to wear. When it gets colder, I need a few more layers so I’m not freezing in these streets. I hardly ever feel the need to re-up because I’ve had them for several years but it’s not a bad thing to get some new pieces, right?

During the “cooler” months, I have the same fall/winter essentials in rotation so it’s easy to put a look together. All I have to do is throw on some kind of outerwear and I’m good to go. An outfit is instantly together with way less stress.


Color-Blocked Chevron Turtleneck Sweater $40

There’s a sweater in my closet currently that I’ve had since high school. This time of year is literally the only I wear it. It’s a smidge faded so I guess I could use a new one and give my “vintage” sweater a break. A sweater like this from Old Navy is a great option. It’s lightweight which means it can be worn on it’s own for days when it’s not freezing and still keep you warm when it is.


“Don’t Touch My Hair” Sweatshirt $40

I stan for the entire Knowles family. I started following the Fly by Knight brand last year because I liked their merchandise. Solange’s A Seat at the Table album is still in heavy rotation so when I saw this sweatshirt was on sale, I had to get myself one. When highs are in the 70s, I’ll wear a sweatshirt without the extra layers underneath with a pair of shorts.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Regular Fit Long Sleeve Turtleneck Ribbed Shirt $8.40

I’m overdue for some new long-sleeve shirts, one of the most inexpensive fall/winter essentials. This year, I’m contemplating going with turtlenecks but I haven’t made a final decision yet. The only colors I’m interested in are the basics: black, white, and gray. We all know those colors go with basically everything and can be worn multiple times. Long sleeves also help transition clothes from spring/summer to fall/winter with no effort at all. I know which dresses I’m wearing with long sleeves underneath already.



Classic Trenchcoat $69.99

A piece of advice: trenchcoats never go out of style. I bought a thrifted one a few years ago from Goodwill that I finally got to wear earlier this year in DC(see header photo). Like I mentioned earlier, I tend to lean towards a “baggier” look for fall and winter. It would be the same outfit in various iterations: trenchcoat with a hoodie/sweatshirt underneath, jeans, and chunky boots.


Basic Knit Camisole $2.99

Camisoles work year-round but they are the foundation of any fall/winter look. In the past, I’ve worn them underneath my long sleeved shirts for another extra layer. I feel secure and a little more warm.

Denim Jacket

Ex-Boyfriend Hybrid Hooded Trucker Jacket $84.98

Another OG fall/winter essential. I don’t know about you but wearing a Canadian tuxedo is okay as long as it’s broken up with a contrasting piece.