Harvest Bowl blends specialty market with grab-and-go in Seminole Heights

When Harvest Bowl followed me on IG early last year, I wondered what kind of concept it would be. I’m glad I got to see it’s evolution from the one singular IG post. Sisters Atheer and Athar Naif are newbies to the restaurant world but it’s evident they’re excited to take on this endeavor. Harvest Bowl is the first concept in Seminole Heights to blend a specialty market, selling items like hummus, fresh veggies and juices, with a full, healthy restaurant concept.

I’m excited to try out Harvest Bowl when it finally opens. I don’t live far so if there’s ever a chance where I want something healthy to eat, I know I can go around the corner for a good meal. See what they’re bringing to the neighborhood:

“We’ve all seen how consistent the Seminole Heights’ food scene is growing over the years and there’s no evidence it’s stopping soon. Harvest Bowl will officially add itself to the mix this Friday, January 10 upon making its official debut at 6109 N. Florida Ave. The new concept is a blend of a specialty market and a fast-casual restaurant. 

“We wanted something that was fast and catered to everyone from college students to families to couples having a date night,” explains co-owner Athar Naif.

Athar and her sister Atheer, who is also co-owner, started working on initial ideas for Harvest Bowl in late-2018. It took a month for them to gather up the courage to finally start putting any kind of plans in action. Inspiration for decor ranged from their husbands to Pinterest, with a heavy emphasis on foliage.

“We wanted something fresh where you could hang out and feel the ambiance. We want you to be comfortable,” says Atheer.”

Harvest Bowl opens soon so make sure to stop by. Read more about the restaurant/market concept here.