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How to Look Good on Valentine’s Day: Hair, Makeup, and Outfit Ideas

The holiday of love is this weekend so we need a few ideas of how to stunt at dinner when it’s time to flick it for IG later. Whether it’s for a date with the boo or a Galentine’s Day shindig, the makeup and hair can’t be slacking not one bit y’all!

How to look good on Valentine’s Day  isn’t even a question. Here are some hair, makeup, and outfit ideas to draw some inspiration from:


I feel like hair should be effortlessly sexy on Valentine’s Day. Personally, I like for it to look a little casual/bedhead-ish. Yes, it’s weird but hair that looks super perfect and manicured makes me uncomfortable. These styles teeter the line between sexy and casual where they work for any holiday or regular day of the year.


Reds and pinks are customary for the holiday. When all the girls in the restaurants have more extravagant makeup looks, go a little more subdued in some areas to stand out in the crowd. Nothing theatrical but a little razzle dazzle is fun.


What’s great about Valentine’s Day outfits is they can range in sexiness, depending if you’re going to dinner with Lé Boo or the girls. Do you usually go for a certain look/vibe for the occasion? What are you wearing for the night out?

Unfortunately for me, I’ll be working Valentine’s Day night so I won’t be celebrating the holiday until the weekend. I’m not sure of the plans but I do have an outfit thoroughly planned out. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Going out or staying home? What’s the outfit you have planned out for a night out?