Fuzzy’s Taco Shop launches Summer Fridays with queso, dranks, and free tacos for a year

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop serves good vibes all summer with its newly launched “Summer Fridays” program. Companies are switching up their hours but the taco brand invites fan out to make up for lost time and enjoy early happy hours. Fuzzy’s calls itself the “unofficial patio spot” for Summer Fridays and the rest of the week.

Unwind from Coronavirus news alerts and notifications on your phone then enjoy great times over awesome food and refreshing dranks. Fuzzy’s created the ideal summer starter pack to make everyday feel like Friday. Their Summer Fridays promo includes Queso Flights with a variety of cheesy options like guacamole (a fan fave topped with a scoop of in-house made guac), Ground Beef Queso, or Pork Green Queso. Upgrade Fridays with a couple drinks like their FuzzyRita or a Lime Seltzerita, a frozen FuzzyRita topped with a can of Truly Lime Hard Seltzer.

Lime Seltzerita

While taco lovers are eating their weight in all the tacos, don’t forget to enter Fuzzy’s Free Tacos for a Year giveaway. 10 winners, who receive 2 free tacos every week, are announced every Friday starting July 17th until August 21st. Entering the contest is simple: either make a purchase on any day during the promo through the Rewards app or scan the receipt into the app. Guests can also enter by mailing a postcard with their name, address, and email address to:

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Summer Fridays Taco Giveaway

2501 Parkview Dr., Ste. 500

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Just FYI, postcards must be marked by August 14th and received by August 18th. Winners must have an active Rewards account to redeem prizes.