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3 Ways I Reconnect with My Hair During Quarantine

My hair and I have been through some thangs over the last 31 years. From beads to ponytails to braids, my hair experienced myriad ways of styling. One time in middle school, I called myself clipping my split ends. After the deed was done, I cut at least a couple inches of hair off, resulting in my hair resembling a semi-bob…not my best work needless to say. My high school hair disaster was a bit more traumatizing. I straightened my hair religiously during this time and decided to do so one day after school. At some point, I smelled smoke and something burning. Y’all, I burned a whole chunk of hair off! Fortunately for me, I was a natural hair newbie so I figured out how to camouflage it in different styles.

It’s funny but this period of Coronavirus gives me enough time to figure out new ways of styling and reconnecting with my hair. Before, I’d wash my hair on a weekly basis and wear it in 3 ways: curly, twistout, or in a bun. A few things help me reconnect with my hair during the quarantine:

Field Trips to the Beauty Supply Store

I go to the beauty supply store even when I’m bored. Sometimes, I go to “make a quick stop” just to see what new stuff is in (that I really have no business buying anyway). Whenever I get an idea for a style, this is the first place I go to. One thing I’m beginning to like is any kind of hair jewelry for decoration. The adornment enhances everything and, depending on the adornment, makes for a fun statement.

Finding Inspiration Online

When all my usual hairstyles got bland, that’s when I looked for inspiration online. I saved countless photos on Instagram and pinned to my heart’s desire. The thing about I’m learning about Pinterest is there’s a photo for any hairstyle I want from flat twists to bantu knots. I look forward to wash days and the styling process now. Before, I’d just go through the motions of cleaning my hair and doing whatever. Styling my hair is more fun now; it’s another kind of creativity I can enjoy on a weekly basis. Plus, it doesn’t hurt my mini photoshoots come out looking bomb AF either.

Mini Photo Shoots

Idk why it took me so long to realize my apartment complex makes for good photo shoots. Yes, it is hot AF outside but it’s not hard to find a shady spot outside to take a few pics. To the outside world, I’m sure I looked crazy on the 2nd floor posing and smiling with nothing around but myself and a camera. When I take pictures, it feels like I’m in my own world. I can try out poses I find on Pinterest or just whatever pops in my head. These styles are poppin’ so why not show them off?! It fuels my creative juices not only for new picture ideas but how to highlight the next hairstyle perfectly. I get a kick out of sending the pics to either Robert, my mom, or in a couple group chats just for the gas.