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All About My JW Marriott Tampa Water Street Staycation

Staycations have been a thing for a few years now but grew in popularity last year since we really couldn’t go anywhere. I get it…the lines between work and home blurred drastically. Getting out of the house and going somewhere else to relax for a couple days works wonders for relaxation and the mental. I wrote a story for Creative Loafing around Super Bowl about a few resorts people can go to take take their minds off their “normal”, every life. One of the hotels was the JW Marriott Tampa Water Street. I first had a tour of the hotel back in December and the rooms are beautiful. As someone who lives in Tampa already, the views of the bay or downtown areas made me feel like I was in another city. Full disclosure: this hotel visit was #hosted so the visit was comped.

Staycations work wonders and my stay at luxury hotel JW Marriott Tampa Water Street did just that for the mental. I was able to relax and enjoy myself. It’s not too often I get the chance to feel like a tourist in my own city.

About the Hotel

Opening back in December, it came at an opportune time. When basketball season started, it was announced the Toronto Raptors would play their entire season in Tampa. I imagined walking around International Plaza and seeing Drake inside the Gucci or Louis Vuitton store but that hasn’t happened yet. The players stayed in the hotel and only had to walk across the street to “work” at the Amalie Arena.

Inside the hotel is gorgeous. There’s plenty of natural light plus several dining options like Driftlight, rooftop bar Six, and even a market on the first floor for grab-and-go items. What’s cool is guests can experience accommodations at the other Marriott hotel across the street; all a guest would have to do is take a catwalk and not have to worry about waiting to cross a busy road. Even if you aren’t a guest, just going to visit one of the restaurants for either a Girls’ Night or a date with the bae.

JW Marriott Tampa Water Street is located in a perfect spot right outside downtown Tampa. It’s walking distance from Sparkman Wharf, the Riverwalk, other area restaurants, and museums. It’s very possible to spend a few hours downtown and have a good day.

The Room

Staying at JW Marriott Tampa Water Street is luxury for sure. Robert and I stayed in the hotel’s Superior Corner King room with a harbor view. It’s a spacious room with a foyer entrance, which would make anyone feel like they’re fancy. I could look out the window and see all of Amalie Arena, the hotel’s rooftop bar Six plus Harbour Island and a bit of Davis Island. Feeling like a tourist in my own city is something I’ve never experienced before. As the days led up to the stay, I could feel myself getting excited because it’s new and it’s fun to get away sometimes…even if you’re “pretending”. It’s interesting to see all the hustle and bustle of the city at a different angle.

My favorite part of the hotel room was the bed. I LOVE love hotel beds because they’re huge and so soft. I knew if I laid down, it was a wrap and I’d be knocked out within a few minutes. Fortunately for me, I filmed a quick video to resist the temptation of falling into bed. But when I was able to get ready for bed and go to sleep finally, it was lights out for me ASAP!

Another beautiful accommodation in the room was the bathroom. You know those Vogue YouTube videos with famous women doing their makeup? That’s the kind of the vibe it gives off. It’s minimalist and the shower was relaxing. I don’t know about you but I love a good, hot shower to end my day off right.

Couples Massage

The next morning before we checked out, we had one of their Couples Reconnections Rituals at their Spa by JW. Robert got the exfoliation scrub and I had the Hungarian mud. I had some sunburn on my back so I figured the mud would cool if off a bit. Our massage therapists Carmen and Frederick were very attentive, which made the experience even better. I thought I was going to fall asleep for sure from either the relaxing music or my relaxing muscles.

Once the massage was over, the massage therapists left to let us shower and rinse off all the scrubs and whatnot on our bodies. We came out to see a bottle of rosé and a small box of desserts waiting for us on a small table and just hung out. It really was a wonderful experience all around.

All in all, one of the greatest things about living in Tampa Bay (or Florida, in general) is we live where people travel. I can leave my house and be somewhere featured in the Travel Channel within an hour. A staycation at JW Marriott Tampa Water Street was definitely what I needed to let go of whatever stress I was carrying around.

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