OddFellows Ice Cream partners with Penguin Random House on “Brain Freeze Book Club” capsule collection

OddFellows Ice Cream and Penguins Random House recently launched their “Brain Freeze Book Club”, a capsule collection of four limited-edition ice cream flavors inspired by classic book genres: Passionberry Love Potion for romance (sounds like a flavor right up my alley btw), Smoky Bourbon Vanilla Twist (mystery), Journey to Outer Space (sci-fi), and Bubblegum Pop (young adult).

Between this month and August, Penguin Random House will pair new title selections with each flavor plus publishing free book excerpts online and giving books away at events around NYC.

“We’re thrilled to partner with OddFellows to bring the joy of summer reading to life through these creative, one-of-a-kind ice cream flavors inspired by some of the season’s most popular genres,” said Carly Gorga, Director of Creative Strategy for Penguin Random House. “We hope folks love the pairings, and that this collaboration gets everyone outside reading (and eating!) this summer. “

So, about these new book-inspired flavors:

  • Passionberry Love Potion: Passionfruit-based ice cream with rich red raspberry crumbles of decadent cake.
  • Smoky Bourbon Vanilla Twist: A non-alcoholic bourbon-infused vanilla ice cream with smoked caramel and almonds.
  • Journey to Outer Spice: Cinnamon-infused miso ice cream with swirls of caramel.
  • Bubblegum Pop: A mix of baby blue spirulina bubblegum ice cream and pink sprinkles.

“My wife is a writer and as the parents of two fourth graders, reading is a huge part of our lives. For OddFellows to have the opportunity to be able to take inspiration from some of our favorite books and use our own creativity to reimagine them into ice cream has been so much fun,” said OddFellows co-founder Mohan Kumar. “We hope that one spoonful from any of these four flavors will transport you into the stories that inspired them.”

These flavors are all available at every OddFellows scoop shop, by the scoop, or by the tub. No OddFellows near you? They ship nationwide via their website and Goldbelly.