How PDQ Ensures Quality Chicken Tenders with 17-Point Check

We all love the simple goodness of chicken tenders and PDQ takes the quality of their tenders VERY seriously.

“I developed the 17 Point Tender Check through my experience and background in food service. I understood what standards were needed to create quality chicken tenders, such as the temperature, length, salt, and oil quality, and developed standards for the other points such as the wet blemish, crack, and basket marks,” said PDQ’s Corporate Executive Chef Michael Brannock. “Each of the points was created to ensure that the quality of PDQ’s tenders are consistent at each location. It took me almost one year of testing the process and making sure the data flowed properly.”

That’s why Brannock takes his job just several steps further when he created the 17-Point Tender Check. The check makes sure the award-winning tenders are consistent at every location from the crack and breading to the protein ratio, basket marks and tender curve.

“As People Dedicated to Quality, it is important that our award-winning chicken tenders are consistent and delicious among all of our locations. Creating the 17 Point Tender Check allows us to trace each specific measure back to a part of the process to ensure each tender is of the highest quality. When the store managers conduct the tender check, I am then able to look at the trends, analyze the results and see what areas need to be focused on at each location,” Brannock said.

Stop by for National Chicken Tender Day today while PDQ offers their famous Chicken Tender Shake as a special treat for $5.49 for a small or $6.79 for a regular. Available only today, fans can a hand-spun vanilla shake blended with a tender and topped with an extra one too!

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Photo c/o PDQ