Bern’s Steak House launches new spirits program feat. collab beer with Mastry’s Brewing

Bern’s Steak House recently unveiled new initiatives as part of their new spirits program, which offers guests a selection of rare and curated drinks.

The iconic restaurant begins the fall season with the launch of its Legacy 9 barrel-aged beer in collaboration with Mastry’s Brewing. The two businesses partnered for the second time on a saison-style “biere de garde” ale with a toasted malt aroma and slight malt sweetness and aged in Bern’s award-winning Woodinville Private Select Barrel. Mastry’s Brewing founder Matthew Dahl says the brew is evidence of how committed Bern’s and Mastry’s are to quality and innovation. The Legacy 9 will be available until the end of the year or until there aren’t anymore batches. A Legacy 10 is slated for a release later this year.

“For me, what’s fun is taking two brands, a name like Bern’s which has been around since 1956, and then the Mastry name, which has been around the St. Petersburg area since 1935, and being able to craft a quality, Legacy, of a brew together,” says Dahm. “Shaping the finest brew, that is guided by the consideration of how the beer will be paired with world-renowned culinary fare, and the experience that Bern’s provides its guests – it’s the perfect pairing of what Mastry’s strives for.”

If you recall, Bern’s and Mastry’s collaborated previously on a Legacy 4 ale that was an Imperial White Stout aged in a Maker’s 46 Barrel and the Barrel Aged Strong Ale.

“With the Strong Ale,” Dahm says, “Elijah Craig bourbon fades into sweet caramel, marmalade, and a hint of leather on the nose. The palate tells a tale of bergamot, candied lemon peel, burnt sugar, spice and tobacco. The centennial hops have turned jammy and sun baked, lingering on the tongue.”

Bern’s Steak House starts off the fall season with two events: a whiskey pairing dinner with American bourbon table Pappy Van Winkle and the popular Whiskey Tampa Foxtrot (WTF) culinary festival event. WTF tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 14.

For more info on upcoming events at Bern’s Steak House, visit their website.

Photo c/o Bern’s Steak House