Bubble Bar Cafe changes Lakeland food scene

Bubble Bar Cafe opened in Lakeland a couple weeks ago and they’re already changing the food scene of the town. Donuts, ice cream(scoops and sandwiches), and waffle cones are on the menu with unlimited ways of customizing.

Here’s an excerpt from my latest Creative Loafing article:

“Bubble Bar Cafe is here to change the preconceived notions you might have about Lakeland and its food scene. What used to be a coffee shop at 5327 S. Florida Ave. is now a bright space with robin’s egg blue walls that match the recently launched cafe’s fun, imaginative menu.

On a recent visit, owner Tram Toadvine and her employees were scrambling to finish up a last-minute order they received the night before for 150 cake doughnuts.

A warm welcome to the neighborhood indeed.

But Lakeland isn’t new territory for Toadvine, who’s also the owner of the nearby Southern Paws Pet Resort. She says her travels to various destinations over the years sparked her interest in food and served as the inspiration behind Bubble Bar Cafe. Her record for the most places she’s eaten in a city goes to New Orleans, where she once dined at 14 restaurants in a day.”

To find out what the cafe is all about, read more of my article here: Think you know Lakeland’s food scene? You haven’t been to Bubble Bar Cafe