Foeder for Thought: An educational experience for beer lovers

Tampa Bay Beer Week is almost here and Green Bench Brewing is throwing it’s 5th Annual Foeder for Thought event. This is for all the beer connoisseurs and wannabe connoisseurs that want to learn more about farmhouse, sour, and wild beers.

Panels of experts share their expertise while sharing their beers. Several brands will be with free samples all night.

Excerpt from my St. Pete Life Magazine interview with owner and head brewmaster Khris Johnson:

“How much do you really know about beer? Yes, you have your favorite big brands like Budweiser, Miller, or Heineken but are you a beer connoisseur who knows the difference between farmhouse, sour, or wild beers? This year’s Tampa Bay Beer Week is March 4th-10th. The week is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about beer and the local beer culture. Over the course of 7 days, local breweries, vendors, and distributors throw events ranging from tastings to dinners to festivals.

Beer is literally in Khris Johnson’s DNA. The co-owner and head brewer of Green Bench Brewing in St. Petersburg grew up watching his dad create IPAs, ales, and stouts using a home brewing kit. Once he realized home brewing is what he wanted to do, he went around to different places drinking and tasting an assortment of styles to see what was out. His first beer ever made as a home brewer is the Green Bench IPA.”

Foeder for Thought is March 9th from 6pm-9pm. Read more about the event: Foeder for Thought