Something old, but new: 5 Websites to Find Great Vintage

Wearing vintage is nothing for me. I spent a great portion of my life at thrift stores or garage sales. Every Wednesday, my grandmother and I would go to the community thrift store near her house and see what we could find. When I got older and had a couple more dollars, I started going to thrift stores, flea markets, and neighborhood garage sales. I haven’t been able to do that in a few years but, fortunately for the internet, there’s ways around it. Now, I’m all about finding vintage pieces online.

There are a few websites that I look at when I want to buy new vintage pieces. Right now, I’m into buying shoes but jewelry is slowly creeping in. The thing I love about vintage is I know no one else is going to have the same thing. I’m already cheap but I don’t mind spending money on these pieces because I know they’re unique and unlike what anyone else is wearing.


TheRealReal is my favorite designer consignment shop right now. I look at their website and app at some capacity everyday. What I appreciate about it is how inexpensive some of their items are. I’ve purchased shoes that may be at least $300 or $400 but on the site for $100 or less. I know I’m getting it for a steal, so why not “splurge” a little? They have a expansive list of designers buyers can search for and there’s also the option of consigning your own pieces. Win-win, right?

Vestaire Collective

Vestaire Collective is a bit more luxurious than TheRealReal and buyers can see who is selling the product. If you spy an item that you need, there is the option of making an offer. When you aren’t ready to pull the trigger yet, the item can be saved and alerts can be sent to you for tracking the progress of it and when it’s been sold.


EBay is another one of my go-tos when I’m looking for inexpensive designer items. I’ve gotten a couple pairs of Dolce & Gabbana sandals and Gucci heels. EBay is full of hidden treasures I never thought I’d find. I follow a few sellers specifically for their vintage. They never steer me wrong and they have great inventory.

EBay sellers I follow: Celebrity Owned, Gift of Garb, Linda’s Stuff, and Luxury Garage Sale


Imagine my surprise when I found a pair of Gucci sandals for $30 cheaper on Poshmark. I can probably find the lowest priced vintage on Poshmark when I look hard enough. The inventory is in good condition and inexpensive. I’ve been lucky enough to find some treasures on here.

Yoogi’s Closet

I found Yoogi’s Closet from my little sister because we were talking about what shoes we wanted to buy. They sell everything on here from Chanel to Louis Vuitton to Valentino. I check this site at least once a week doing what I like to call “online window shopping.”

Do you wear vintage? Where do you buy yours from and what’s your fave vintage find?

Header photo courtesy of Pride Publishing Group