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Up and Away: 10 Ways to Shut It Down With an Updo Style

Spring is here, which means you’re booked and busy with occasions almost every weekend.If I can help it, an updo is my go-to for an occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend brunch with your girls or an outdoor wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is if your hair getting in the way. My hair gets frizzy ASAP in the Florida humidity and I can’t risk having my Instagram pics come out crazy.

If you don’t want to deal with a whole mess of frizziness, an updo is the best style out there. An updo doesn’t have to be super fancy to pack a punch.


2018 Spring and Summer Hairstyles by Melissa Erial

Options! Melissa gives us 10 different hairstyles you can wear at any upcoming event or if you want to put your hair away in a protective style.


Cute and Simple Hairstyle for Short/Medium Hair by Chev B.

I can’t forget about my girls with short to medium hair. Yall don’t have many options for styles but clip-in extensions work wonders. Clip-ins are fun and a little extra length is fun.


Pineapple Updo on Kinky Natural Hair by My Natural Sistas

This updo is a little more edgier and unexpected than the rest. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they think you have just simple curls and see intricately braided hair.


3 Quick and Easy Updos on Straightened Hair by YoursNaturally11

At the end of the style week, straightened hair tends to get greasy and limp. Add life(and a couple extra styling days) to your hair with an updo to give it some omph.


A Curvy Updo by BeeUtifullyMade

I love any updo with some texture. When your braidout or twist out gets old, use that texture and frizziness to create something new for the week until the next wash day.


2 Ways-Simple Protective Style by Naptural85

Updos are a great way to protective style your hair. Whitney shows that a style can work double time for work and play with the right style and the addition of hair accessories.


Easy Updo for Curly Hair by Kharissa Rae

I’m going to a wedding in October and I may have to use this style. The boho vibe of the style looks effortless, casual and easy-breezy.


Braided Crown Bun by MoKnowsHair

Who doesn’t love wearing a crown on their head? Placing braids with updos adds depth and details to the style.


No Weave, Massive Low Bun by Samantha Pollack

Wearing buns in the same direction over a period of time stresses out hair. Switch up the bun placement and decrease the stress. Low buns still show off your features and brings a softness to them.


Five Twist Updo by FusionOfCultures

This one is the most intricate of all the styles. Take those old twists down and give them a refresh.

Updos are the most simple way to shut it down wherever you go; wear it as a protective style even after the event is over. What kind of updos are you planning on wearing when it gets hot??

Header photo courtesy of Essence Magazine