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13 Festival Hairstyles to Wear This Season

When you’re putting together your ensemble for all of the festivals you’re attending this season, one of the most important things to consider is which festival hairstyles work perfectly. For me, how I’m wearing my hair is one of the first things I think about. For me, it’s super significant the hair and outfit need to match or something isn’t adding up.

There’s a multitude of festival hairstyles to choose from: braids, updos, curly, etc. It’s not difficult at all to find a style (shoutout to various Instagram hair pages) that suits the vibe you’re going for.

Bantu Knots

I like wearing Bantu Knots when I want to put my hair away for a bit but still have my hair look fly. The knots can be as small or as large as you want; either way, all the attention is going to your gorgeous face. Wearing the knots with huge hooped earrings is a vibe I’m always down for.


Listen, I need to work on my braiding skills so I can do this to my own hair. I’m quick to put my hair away for a while when I get tired of it…we all need a break right? I love, love, love how intricate braids are getting now. Whether the braids are in box plaits or cornrows, don’t let that stop you from shutting the whole festival down with your hair.


Big, curly hair is my trademark. Seeing it grow larger as the week goes on is thrilling. Curly hair at a festival goes along with the carefree vibe. It’s not supposed to look too perfect; a little frizz does a lot. Add some colored extensions for enhancement and fun for the weekend.


For some of us, hot weather means putting our hair up and away from our face. Just like Bantu Knots, buns bring all the attention to your face. Slick those baby hairs and edges down girl and live!


Ponytails are the most simple but can pack the most punch. It doesn’t have to be the basic ones you wear when you go to the gym. Make it more special with edgy details because you’re trying to shut the whole festival down when you arrive.

Is it significant for your hair and outfit to match? How are you thinking about wearing your hair to your next festival?

Header photo courtesy of Essence Magazine