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Easter Brunchin’ at Platt Street Borough

The last time I was at Platt Street Borough is when I interviewed owners Kiel Lombardo and Adam Hyatt for a Creative Loafing article. I had a fun time talking to them and learning about their newly opened restaurant. A couple weeks ago, I scrolled all over Facebook for places to eat on Easter for another article I thought about writing. I put together a list of places that caught my eye for Easter brunch and Platt Street Borough was the winner.

I knew me returning to Platt Street Borough at any point after my interview is no issue. Easter is the perfect holiday to go back once they work out all the kinks from being open for a few months. Brunch in Tampa is already poppin every Sunday so imagine my surprise when Robert and I pull up and we’re the first people there. No other car is parked in the lot or on the streets. For a second I wondered if they were even open. We walk in and there’s no one but me, Robert, and the employees. Once we sat down, everything changed. In 5 minutes, other parties of people started showing up. Soon enough, Platt Street Borough begins to fill and is packed.

Not Your Regular Waffle Breakfast

Savory Waffle Gravlax
The Savory Waffle Gravlax on Platt Street Borough’s brunch menu.

Within a few minutes, I can hear a soft rumble of conversations from the people arriving later. Max, our waiter, was gracious enough to give us a few extra minutes to order because we were too busy watching Head of State on tv. We started our dining experience off with sharing the Cast Iron Biscuit. The biscuit arrives in a small cast iron skillet reminds me of the layered biscuits you’d eat at your Grandma’s house every Sunday morning. It’s soft and flaky and crumbles once it touches your hand. The orange marmalade and honey butter are smooth and sweet enough to go on the biscuit at the same time.

Usually when I’m brunchin’ it up, I order something savory but I chose a menu item completely left this time. I ordered the Savory Waffle Gravlax and it definitely wasn’t what I pictured in my head. When the meal arrives at the table, the look of the plate surprises me. Honestly, I think this may be the healthiest brunch meal I’ve ever eaten. The freshly made combo of thinly sliced salmon and crisp cucumbers with a fluffy waffle is new to me. Now, my interest is piqued in seeing what else I can order that’s not my usual. I didn’t think I’d see the day I eat a waffle without fried chicken or the drizzle of maple syrup.  Looking back, I think adding a balsamic glaze or something similar(not maple syrup) to pour on top would take this to the next level.

What did you do for brunch and what are you interested in eating this year that’s not your usual??