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Spring Cleaning: 5 Fashion Trends to Get Rid Of In 2018

I get it…you bought all this stuff last year and made all the plans in the world to wear it. You went to the mall and balled out online for the new trends every season. Now, they’re just sitting in your closet because you posted a slew of OOTD’s and OOTN’s on Instagram and you don’t want to wear them again. I’ve had the same issue over the past year also. At this point, the best thing to do is clean out your closet and get rid of some of those super trendy pieces that aren’t popular anymore.

The fashion trends to get rid of in 2018 are in the waaaaayyyyy back of your closet right now. Pull them out and give them to a new owner who can put a fresh twist on them. Here’s what to get rid of this year:


Painful Shoes

Christian Louboutin
Photo courtesy of Racked/Christian Louboutin FB

Who wants to walk around with your feet on fire? Get rid of all the shoes in your closet that no longer fit properly or are hard to walk in. Save yourself the trouble of being uncomfortable for a long period of time because you chose fashion over comfort. You don’t have to live you life in pain ma’am.


Anything with a Corset

Ashley Graham
Photo courtesy of Popsugar

The corset trend was EVERYWHERE last year. Belts, dresses, shirts, etc. Put away all the corset for now and just try wide belts for the “snatched” look.



Zoe Kravitz
Photo courtesy of Vogue Magazine

This one is hard to get rid of for me because I love my chokers. It gives my girly dresses an edgy vibe. Honestly, although they’re not popular anymore, find a fresh, new way to incorporate chokers of any size into an outfit.


Millenial Pink

Photo courtesy of Popsugar

Millennial pink was last year’s It color. It was on everything from clothes to accessories and trickled down to our favorite foods. This year’s It colors aren’t as soft as the pink but still have an impact.

Unicorn Clothing

Moschino unicorn sweater
Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue

My Little Pony is cute…when you’re 5. The unicorn clothing trend was fun while it lasted but the nostalgia wore off when it became ubiquitous. Hand it over to your little cousin ASAP.


What trend are you giving up in 2018? Are there any others you’d like to see disappear?