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Crowning Glory: How to Wear 3 Spring 2018 Hair Accessory Trends

Being a Black woman, experimenting with hair is in our blood. I remember being a little kid and coming from school to see my Grandma with burgundy red hair she dyed herself while I was away. As I write this blog, I’m flashing back to how intense the color looked when the sun shined down on her. She did this several times over the years when I was younger and each time it was a surprise. Experimenting with hair is something that’s ingrained in me. When I was first learning how to do my own hair, experimenting was a lot of trial and error. I chopped a few inches off and put clips, barrettes, and any kind of adornment I could find in my house. Decorating my hair made me feel regal.

The spring 2018 hair accessory trends take experimenting to a new level. Think elaborate pieces fit for a queen or easy to wear headbands that show how effortless you are. The trends of the season are surely going to have heads turning when they see you walking by.

Fit For a Queen

Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2018
Photo courtesy of Instore Magazine


Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2018
Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar UK


Elaborate headpieces don’t have to be worn just at music festivals. Headpieces like the ones shown on the model’s strutting down Dolce and Gabbana’s spring/summer fashion runway show they can be worn to enhance a dressier outfit. Since your headpiece is the most eye-catching, it’s best to keep everything else simple. Don’t look like a fashion victim because each item in your outfit is fighting with each other.


Wrap It Up Then

Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2018
Photo courtesy of Byrdie UK


Temperley London spring/summer 2018
Photo courtesy of Telegraph UK


Wearing a scarf or turban on my hair is something I’ve been doing for a couple years now. When my hair wants to be unruly and not cooperate, that’s when I’ll tie it up in a scarf or turban to put it away. It’s a simple addition to your look that packs a lot of style.


Clip On

Simone Rocha spring/summer 2018
Photo courtesy of UK Vogue


Ashish spring/summer 2018
Photo courtesy of Glamour Magazine


I bet now your wish you kept all those cute clips from when you were younger, don’t you?  When I was younger, I had so many butterfly clips and I’d get creative and put them in designs. I thought I was killing it! The clips in Simone Rocha and Ashish fashion shows are a little more expensive so I’d do my best to keep track of them. I wear a side part a lot so I’d wear the clips on the side with less volume for some drama.


What kind of adornment do you want to try this season? Did you put the butterfly clips in designs like I did back in the day??

Header photo courtesy of Instore Magazine