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How to Eat Yourself Through Las Vegas Food in a Week

One of the things I enjoy doing before going on a trip is writing a list of where I want to eat. I get a kick out of eating all the local foods to get a feel of what that culture and scene is about. I scrolled through all of the Las Vegas food Instagrams for a few days before settling on a few places. It’s so much easier to look online and actually see with my own two eyes what everyone else is munching on. If I’m not going down the inevitable rabbit hole of IG, I’m busy looking places up on Yelp that I’ve seen on a food show.

Las Vegas food is eclectic. In the same city can I get a giant fortune cookie, an egg sandwich, and go to an actual restaurant I saw on tv a few days prior to liftoff!



The Chicka Waffa Dopolis



I can eat chicken and waffles all day if you let me. SkinnyFats is perfectly located in a business park so I’m positive they’re door is always revolving. The eatery has several different menus but the real treat is their “All Day Breakfast” menu offering the Chicka Waffa Dopolis alongside other dishes like the “Berry Strong” waffle or the “Cluck Moo” omelette. Before I filled my belly with sweet eats, I started it off with the Gobballs turkey meatballs off their “Shareables” menu.

Eats: The Breakfast and Lunch Joint


Cinnamon Biscuits with warm strawberry compote

Located a few blocks from Fremont Street and Downtown Las Vegas, Eats is a quaint little restaurant with some great lighting. I got the biscuits as an appetizer to hold me over until my next meal. These biscuits were so soft and fluffy plus them soaking up the fruity compote tasted like heaven.


Gaucho Sandwich

I heard about Eggslut from my boyfriend late last year. Anytime someone he knows goes out to the West Coast, this place is his #1 recommendation. This particular location is inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel and a quick walk to the Strip. The sandwiches are endless but my gut(I was starving btw) told me to choose the Gaucho Sandwich, a seared wagyu tri-tip steak sandwich served on a brioche bun and topped with an oozing medium over-easy egg, chimichurri, red onions, and dressed arugula.


Shake Shack

Shack Burger, fries, Vanilla milkshake

After walking the Strip, it was great to finally sit down somewhere and eat. Idk how many burgers I ate on this trip. We all know how often we go to fast-food joints and the burgers or sandwiches don’t look like the ones on tv. I told Robert I’m pretty sure this was the neatest burger put together I’ve eaten in a while. And the milkshake is super thick how they’re supposed to be.


Cheeseburger and Animal Style fries

You can’t go to the West Coast without hitting up the OG Legend, In-N-Out. It’s fashioned after old school diner and the service is extremely fast. In the 15 minutes I was inside, I swear they put out at least 20-30 other orders.

Flock & Fowl

Bang Bang Chicken Noodle Salad

After our tour of the Neon Museum, it started raining so we took an Uber over to Flock and Fowl. It’s an Asian restaurant serving menu items unlike anything you’ve sampled before. The Bang Bang Chicken Noodle Salad came as a surprise to me. The unassuming dish consists of Sichuan chili, cucumbers, peanut dressing, and preserved mustard greens. Imagine my face when that first kick of spice from the chili hit the back of my throat; I was not expecting it at all! I don’t do spicy foods too much but this one’s added to my list of spicy foods I can do.

Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles

Betty’s Boob


Lolo’s Punch

#BlackOwned. I think it’s comical I began and ended my Las Vegas trip off with chicken and waffles. On the last day of the trip, we traveled way beyond the Strip to the other side of town. I wanted to make sure I made it here because it feels like home just by looking at the website. The large, juicy chicken breast is seasoned perfectly and the meat falls off the bone. I think the waffle may be the largest I’ve had when eating this version. I chuckled when I saw an adult version of Kool-Aid on the menu with their signature drink, “Lolo’s Punch”. Listen, I need this to be at every cookout this summer. It’s that kind of vibe…and drink.


Breeze Daiquiri Bar

25 oz of Mango, Pineapple, and Pina Colada

The Linq Hotel on the Strip has an area outside it’s doors named Promenade offering up food, shopping, and attractions. The first place we stopped was Breeze. It’s not a sit-down spot but you can chill at the counter and drink your drank. Customers can get creative and make their own. I like tropical, fruity drinks a lot so, of course, I had to keep with the consistency. I truly felt like I was on a tropical island somewhere drinking 25 ounces of frozen Pina Colada, pineapple, and pineapple.

Whiskey Licker Bar at Binion’s 

Blue Nipple

Walking around Fremont Street does cause one to develop a thirst. The Blue Nipple is a bit out of what I usually drink. It’s made up of orange vodka, New Amsterdam Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Sprite…so it still has that tropical vibe. And it’s blue; who can resist any colored foods, especially when they taste great?


Tao Asian Bistro

Front: Spicy Tuna Tartare on Crispy Rice
Back: Peking Duck Spring Roll with Hoisin Sauce

Satay of Chilean Sea Bass with Edamame Hijiki Salad


Giant Fortune Cookie with White & Dark Chocolate Mousse

The funny part about going to Tao is my feet felt like they were on fire because of the heels I wore that night. I couldn’t wait to sit down and take the shoes off. When I walked in, Tao looked like something out of a movie: people everywhere, music blaring, and all around good vibes. The dining area is close and intimate so it’s possible to ask the people at the next table for a sample of whatever they’re eating. Initially, the both of us chose our individual plates but the waitress told us we could share dishes since they’re enough for 2 to eat. The highlight was definitely the fortune cookie…it’s on another level. I felt like I was eating a “healthier” version because of the mango, dragonfruit, berries, and grapes. I’m still having dreams of it.

Fuku Burger

Top: Karai “Spicy” Burger
Bottom: Fuku “Lucky” Burger

This is probably the first place I’ve been to on any trip where I saw it on TV and was there within a week. When I told the cashier that, she couldn’t believe it! Fuku Burger is located in the Chinatown area of Las Vegas and was a 10 minute Uber ride from our hotel. As I’m eating my burger, the first thing I noticed are the anime and YouTube videos playing along the wall. I’ve never had an burger with an Asian twist and the Fuku Burger is just that. It had a spicy kick to it that was a surprise but I can’t wait to go back. Can yall move to Tampa???


Going to Las Vegas as an adult is a completely different trip than going as a kid. I remembered nothing from my last trip! The food scene there is cool and interesting. It’s so many different cuisines and vibes and there is something for everyone. Which of these places will you be adding to your Las Vegas itinerary??