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What To Do in Las Vegas When You Aren’t About That Gambling Life

In the early stages of planning this trip, my first question to myself was “What is there to do in Las Vegas besides gamble”?The funny thing about Las Vegas is all the old people. Casinos are filled to the brim with aunties, uncles, and grandparents all vying to take home an extra couple dollars. As for me, I can’t stand all the cigarette smoke that floats through the air. Fortunately for those like me, there are other options. Yes, you can walk the Strip aimlessly and see all the hotels, shops, and various eateries but there are other attractions to experience.

The stereotypical things to do in Las Vegas aren’t my cup of tea that much. I wanted to go to attractions away from the Strip and the chaos that brings with the loads of tourists walking up and down the street. These are a few options:

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street is kinda like old Las Vegas. It still has some of the older casinos like Golden Nugget and Main Street Station but now it’s a lot younger and cool. Can you imagine yourself riding the SlotZilla zip line down the main drag? If zombies are your thing, there’s also the Fear the Walking Dead Survival attraction that tests your bravery.

Neon Museum

What used to be the old La Cocha motel, this quirky museum is all about showing off the glitz and glam of iconic Las Vegas establishments. You can take a guided(or self-guided) tour around the Boneyard and view about 20o signs in its collection. I never thought about what happens to signs of old hotels, but this created a new appreciation for them because of their historical significance.

Container Park

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, the Container Park is an outdoor shopping area with local boutique stores and cute restaurants anyone can enjoy. In the middle of the park is an interactive playground for kids that even I had no problem with climbing on. The Praying Mantis outside the area is a great touch also…too bad I missed it when it’s lit *sad face*

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

You can’t go to Las Vegas without going to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Period. It’s probably the most iconic sign ever. Make sure you get there early enough to avoid standing in line.

The Big Apple Coaster

The last time I was in Vegas, I remember asking my aunts if I could ride this rollercoaster on top of the New York New York hotel…of course they told me no. I knew the next time I’m back in the city, I’d get to ride it. Finally, although 20 years later, my dreams came true. The coaster takes riders around the hotel casino with twists, turns, and dips every which way.

The Mob Museum

Considering the fact I’m obsessed with crime shows, this is right up my alley. It’s interesting to look at the Mob from a historical perspective and learn the origins of the various branches. It’s funny I left Tampa to go all the way to Vegas to learn my city has mob ties.

Are there any other places in Vegas I missed and should try when I go back??