7 Facebook Watch Food Channels to Binge Watch

I don’t know how many food videos I see all day everyday on my newsfeed. Yes, I do watch them because what else am I supposed to do when a crazy dessert or possible dinner idea appears right in front of me while I’m casually scrolling? Last year, Facebook launched Facebook Watch, where users can watch any variety of content not seen anywhere on their news feeds. I follow a few of the channels on there but one type of content I love watching is the food channels(clearly).

The Facebook Watch food channels are exciting to watch and very entertaining. Before Facebook Watch came along, we had to scour the internet to find inspiration for new things to try. Now, all we have to do is leave our news feeds. The channels range from fun foods to learning more about we eat behind the scenes.


Thrillist: No Leftovers

Thrillist is an online magazine devoted entirely to food. Before I go out of town, the first thing I do is look at the site to see what the food scene is like in the area I’m traveling to. Last year, they released a video about Tampa and it’s Cuban Sandwich(I was beyond excited to see my city being highlighted). On their No Leftovers channel, the second season of the Food/Groups series is premiering soon. The series goes into detail about the relationship cities have with different foods and how those foods shaped cultures. Maybe your city is on there this season.


Best Bites

Looking for new items to bring to summer events? Best Bites offers videos on recipes that are easy enough for the beginner chef learning recipes.

Dessert Insider

Whenever a video from this channels appears in my news feed, I’m stopping whatever I’m doing immediately to watch. The foods are always something I’ve never seen before with combos that I never would’ve thought about putting together. The great thing about the channel is they highlight dessert foods from various cultures.

Tried and True

It’s not a bad thing to stick to the basics when it comes to dinner ideas. Alyssa, aka “The Recipe Critic”, tests out meals on her family before sharing them with us. Her show “Tried and True” is all about dishes her family enjoys. It’s fun having guinea pigs right in your home, isn’t it??

Unusual Eats

The name is self-explanatory: it’s about the world’s most unusual foods but with a twist. Watch as your house pet(or pets) are made into a classic breakfast dish.

Your Food’s Roots

Different than the other food channels, Your Food’s Roots looks at various food issues. Host Zooey Deschanel discusses topics including alternatives to meat and what food goes through before hitting our plates.

Experimental Eats

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat like someone else? This is the channel for you. Experimental Eats looks at what it’s like to eat like a supermodel and a Ninja Turtle. How’s that for range?


Facebook Watch food channels make the food world easier to access and explore. What are some channels you watch already? Any other food channels?