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5 Wash and Go Routines That Won’t Make Your Arms Tired

I think my wash day routine is pretty simple: a weekly pre-poo with some sort of oil I can grab the day before followed by a shampoo and deep condition the day after. I don’t like manipulating my hair too much because I like to keep things simple. Sometimes, a simple wash and go is all I do because I’m a lazy natural. Plus, my arms are tired after all the washing, combing, and conditioning. I love when I’m finished with the whole wash day. My curls are defined and poppin’.

It’s funny to think of how muscular my arms could look from all the wash and go’s I’ve done over the years. Fortunately for us, we have resources. There are bazillions of wash and go routines that range from long and tedious to short and simple. Follow theses routines and I promise you won’t look like a body builder by the end of the day.


Isn’t your fave wash and go routine the one that comes out the best? It’s the Holy Grail of routines and works out perfectly each week. Of course, there’s a lot of trial and error involved.

Samantha Pollack

Shingling curls takes time but guarantee the most definition. Honestly, I’m considering trying out shingling my curls on my next wash day to ensure they don’t get frizzy on Day 3.

Jasmine Brown

Definition is key with natural hair. The last thing any naturalists wants to battle is frizziness and no definition. Water is the best way to retain moisture in your hair so include it in any step you can.

Alyssa Forever

My hair is damaged from all the bleaching I’ve done over the last couple years so I have to be more careful with my wash and go routine. Damaged hair has a tendency to go against the grain and do what it wants but it can still be tamed.


I notice after a couple days, my hair feels dry because of the gel I use to define my curls. Naptural85 shows her technique for creating perfect curls without the dryness and hardness when using gel.

How long does it take for you to do your entire wash day routine? Do you style your hair in only wash and go’s or no?