Fall 2018 Denim Trends to Know

Denim is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in all of our closets. Every pair serves some kind of purpose: a pair for dressing up on special occasions, running weekend errands, travel, or nostalgia. Denim is just one of those things we can’t live without. Another great thing about denim is its versatility. Every season a new style or look emerges that has us running to our fave department stores. Last season, it was all about the details like adding stripes or customizing the hems. This season it’s more about shape.

The fall 2018 denim trends are more fun and adventurous. I know my bank account isn’t going to be too thrilled with all the shopping I plan on doing, but oh well *Kanye shrug*.

Wide Leg

BDG High Rise Pleated Carrot Jean $64

Wide leg denim is great for those days when you feel slightly bloated or just want some extra wiggle room. I don’t remember the last time wide legged denim was a thing but I’m glad to see it back. It’s a departure from the skinny jeans we’ve all been wearing since high school.


Mom Jeans $98

The thing about denim in other colors besides the regular blue washes is it calls for more creativity to outfit looks. You can step out of your comfort zone a little bit with some new colors you never would’ve tried any other time. I have a pair of pastel lavender Levi jeans that’ll be in heavy rotation this season.


Mid-Rise Patchwork Bootcut Crop Jean $27.99

This type of denim feels like an all-in-one/DIY kind of vibe. I’m not the best seamstress but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought I put this together. Patchwork brings a funky look to a casual look.

Animal Print

BDG Kick Flare High-Waist Cropped Jeans $64

A good animal print can easily go in any occasion. I’d wear a pair to brunch to stand out in a sea of white and sundresses. For those with a Fran Drescher/Nanny obsession, this is perfect for you.


Are you excited for these trends? Which would you try?

Header Photo courtesy of Popsugar