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Main Course Tampa serves inspiration on the regular

I’ve been eyeballing West Tampa’s Main Course restaurant from the first time I was shown their Instagram a few months ago. I feel like I’m part of their family because I got to watch their evolution from just 2 IG posts to now having a super huge following. Last week I was excited to finally able to swing by and talk to chef/owner Ashley Suttle-Dalrymple aka Chef Ai about the restaurant. We spoke on everything from where her inspiration comes from all the way down to what she wants for Main Course in the future.

Here’s an excerpt:

“In West Tampa, a new something-for-everyone restaurant has premiered in the heart of the historic neighborhood — right off I-275. It’s called Main Course.

“My husband actually chose the name. The restaurant is on Main Street, and, of course, the entrees. It worked out perfectly,” said chef-owner Ashley Dalrymple, better known as Chef Ai. “It’s still crazy hearing people say the name because it’s just a made-up name.”

Main Course hosted its grand opening at 2139 W. Main St. more than two months ago to great fanfare. However, the celebration was so hectic for Dalrymple that grabbing a bite to eat was never an option. 

Presale tickets, 150 of them, quickly sold out ahead of time. According to Dalrymple, at least 300 people showed up on opening day, filling up all 1,700 square feet of the building that formerly housed Lanna’s Entrees. Main Course can accommodate 25 guests inside and 12 more outdoors, so many came up short on finding a seat.

“I ended up getting really sick, but the day went very well,” Dalrymple told CL. “We had 20 sponsors, a video game truck and a DJ, so there was so much love. Everything was sponsored all the way down to the balloons.”

Playing an inspiring and pivotal role, Grandma is responsible for Dalrymple’s love of cooking. Joining the culinary team during her time in the Army helped the Tampa native hone her skills even further. A couple of years before leaving the military last December, Dalrymple also served as a personal chef for celebrities and events.”

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