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St. Pete Art and Fashion Week is a bridge of 2 worlds

Where else can you go in Tampa Bay that mixes the art and fashion worlds? We already have Tampa Bay Fashion Week but Dana Crowley of Luxe Fashion Group decided to do something different. The September/October issue of St. Pete Life Magazine is out and readers can learn all about what’s happening in the city.

St. Pete Art and Fashion Week begins this week on the 13th and ends with a big show on the 15th.

Here’s an excerpt:

September is famous for a few things: Labor Day, seasons changing, and Fashion Month. Fashion Month is when all the editors from your favorite magazines, bloggers, influencers, etc. travel non-stop to several destinations to see what’s trending for the upcoming season. Not only are the large, major fashion regions like Milan and New York giving inside peeks, but so are smaller, lesser-known fashion regions…Tampa Bay included.

Artists and designers gather every year for the St. Pete Art and Fashion Week to see what’s new, find their next inspiration, and, ultimately, make connections between the art and fashion industries. Putting together the annual fashion week events isn’t new for owner Dona Crowley. She’s been involved in the fashion world since she was a preteen and throwing events on this level for 20 years. 

”  “I’ve modeled off and on for a while, starting when I was 13, then I taught runway for about 4 or 5 years. Most of my background is in advertising, marketing, and event production. I owned local fashion magazine VM for 7 years until it’s final issue release in 2012,” says Crowley.

She started Luxe Fashion Group, formerly Luxe Productions, back in 2007. Event planning started as a side hustle for Crowley since she helped her friends plan their own events. Once she realized this was her passion, she never looked back.”

To read more, click here to read the story. To learn more about St. Pete Art and Fashion Week and its events, go to its website here.

Photo courtesy of Dona Crowley