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Where to Eat in Miami on a Girls Weekend Getaway

The city of Miami is just…different. It’s like it’s own separate world and not like any other city in Florida or any other southern city for that. It’s definitely got its own vibes going on. I’d guess and say one of the main things that sets it apart from everything else is the food. Miami is a mix of multiple ethnic groups and cultures so it’s easy to see the influences on the cuisines depending on the neighborhood.

Last month, I traveled down to the 305 for a pre-wedding girls weekend trip. It was so relaxing looking out from the balcony to the ocean right behind the hotel. I had no worries at all and I could have not one care in the world. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times before, but besides the logistical stuff(hotel stay, time of departure/arrival, etc.), my main concern for this trip is where to eat in Miami. Thanks to Yelp and the GroupMe chats, it was wasn’t hard to choose the spots at all.

The next time you go to Miami for whatever reason, here’s 3 places to try when you’re in the 305:

Lola Restaurant and Grill

Lola ended up being a last minute decision when our initial plans fell through. The restaurant is located inside the Oceanside Plaza Condo on Collins Ave; I know I was surprised to see it was inside of a residential building. Due to the size of the restaurant space, I’d say it’s best to come with a small party for better accommodations. The meal I had was bomb. The sauce had a slight kick to it from the sauce and the fish fell off my fork. This is my attempt at eating better and not going off the hinges.


The Wynwood area of Miami is so beautiful and vibrant. Art work is everywhere you look and it kinda makes sense why Morgans is located in the neighborhood. I’m glad I made a reservation early in the morning the day we went. We pulled up and the parking lot was PACKED with cars. Fortunately, we were able to find a makeshift spot and be seated quickly.

I’m a sucker for sweets and I love french toast for brunch so I couldn’t stray too far. I had the Mascarpone and Raspberry Stuffed French Toast and I was on cloud 9. The dish isn’t too dense at all. The bread had a subtle crust to it and the raspberries gave the texture. Savory mascarpone balanced out the taste of the sweet fruit nicely with not a hint of competition.


I’d been trying to get to Yardbird ever since I saw it for the first time when it was featured on the Cooking Channel. The vibe of the restaurant is laidback and relaxed and so is the food. We started off with charcuterie as we waited for our meals to arrive. The thing about Yardbird is all the meals are really enough for 2 people and that made it so much easier. It’s cool sitting in a restaurant and be able to look right in the kitchen to see your meal being made. I don’t know how many times I thought the waiter was bringing my meal to the table only for it to be for someone else #Fail. I finally got my herb roasted chicken, potatoes, and greens and it was just like something I’d eat at home. The chicken was juicy and crisp, potatoes firm, and the greens sweet just like I like them.

I’m not sure the next time I’ll be back in town but these spots are added to my “Miami restaurant” list for sure. What are some other places to try next time in Miami? Take a peek at the other things I ate in the gallery below: