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Where to Get Fall 2018 Hair Accessory Trends

Switching up the hair is always a fun event. I try to get creative with my hair sometimes whether for special occasions or just because. I style my hair weekly so there are times where One way to change up the hair and keep the creativity flowing are with accessories. There was one time in my younger years when I’d wear the same gold flower pin when I wanted to dress up a regular side-part hairstyle.

The fall 2018 hair accessory trends are throwing it back to the 90s and with a few embellishments. Add the razzle dazzle to dress up a casual outfit, enhance a dressier look, or just because you want to do something different than normal.


“Twinkle” Hair Clips by Tasha at Nordstrom $16

Sometimes I like a good side part hairstyle; to me, feel like it’s mysterious with a bit of edge. Clips are great for side part hairstyles or even up-dos for decoration. If you really want to be super extra with your hair, stack the clips (or place them randomly) on top of the style to give the folks something to talk about all night.


2-pack Glittery Scrunchies $5.99 at H&M

Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day when scrunchies came back in style. I had so many of them when I was a kid that I’m pretty sure are all lost out in the world somewhere. Add scrunchies to your hair accessory rotation for the sporty, casual vibe that’s still popular. Sporty Spice is proud.


Accordian Headband Set $6 at Urban Outfitters

During my natural hair journey ages ago, I stayed with a headband. Whether elastic or plastic, it was important to slap one on to keep the front looking slicked down to let the rest of it flourish. I had all kinds of headbands…and maybe a slight obsession with them. Personally, I just liked how they made me look like I was wearing a crown on my head.


Black Stone Jeweled Pin by La-ta-da at Target $8.99

Hair pins also offer decoration to hairstyles just like clips. One thing I’ve been seeing with hair pins is placing them in some kind of geometric design and I think it’s so cool. I’ve been trying to do that for the longest but when you have natural hair, hair pins ALWAYS come up missing for some reason.

It’s almost the holiday season and invites for parties should be rolling in. Which of these accessories do you see yourself wearing?

Header photo courtesy of Elle Magazine