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4 Fashion Podcasts for Your Imaginary Runway

Fashion has been one of my obsessions since before I started kindergarten. I remember watching any fashion-related show that was on television whether it was Fashion Police pre-Joan Rivers or award show red carpets. Magazines became my go-to when I got older. I’d go to the bookstore and pick up all the magazines I loved off the shelves and read them; I could easily spend a couple hours there with no problem. I got all of my fashion inspiration from them. Now, fashion blogs are added to my list. In real time, I can see who’s wearing what and how they wear it.

Fashion is an entire business that covers so much. Just like food, there’s so much underlying within that world that a lot of us don’t have access to. The fashion podcasts give a glimpse into a fairy tale world that’s more than just pretty clothes and glitz.

Yes, Girl! by Essence Magazine

Essence Magazine has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. My mom has had a subscription since forever. Whenever a new issue came out, I’d always sneak a peek in it while she was at work(I’m sure she didn’t notice). Yes, Girl is hosted by senior editors Cori Murray, Charli Penn, and Yolanda Sangweni. Listen as they interview all of your faves from celebs to influencers and spill the tea on all the latest pop culture news. Low-key, this podcast is the equivalent to being able to participate in a convo with your mom and aunties when you’re finally old enough.

Vogue Podcast

The Fashion Bible podcast is hosted by a variety of editors like Tonne Goodman and Andre Leon Talley. We get to listen to topics like the Royal Wedding, Fashion Week trends, how a September issue got put together, and even from a few writers about how fashion has affected their lives.

Pretty Big Deal by Ashley Graham

Whoever said models aren’t the smartest is unaware. Pretty Big Deal is fairly new and it’s one of my new faves. Every week, Ashley Graham and a guest chit chat about everything in life and get a little personal. You feel like you’re eavesdropping on a conversation between girlfriends.

Unstyled by Refinery29

Hosted by Refinery29’s Co-Founder/Global Editor-in-Chief Christene Barberich, she speaks with well-known women from Yara Shahidi to Gabrielle Union about the important things in life and balance. I always come away from those episodes learning something new and feeling more empowered.

Unravel: A Fashion Podcast

Unravel merges two of my interests: fashion and history. Hosts Jasmine, Dana, and Joy are all scholars within fashion in various ways so it’s amazing to see where their sources and references come from. Ever wondered the history behind the miniskirt and jumpsuit? Probably not…I know I hadn’t prior to listening. After the “controversy” surrounding Serena Williams and her tennis uniforms a couple months ago, they had an episode titled “Curves and Catsuits: Policing Bodies & Fashion” that looked at how Black women are constantly ridiculed and policed by the clothes they wear that made the car ride to Naples interesting.


Everything in life is related to fashion in some way so it’s not always glitz and glam. Are you obsessed with fashion? What fashion podcasts do you listen to?

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