4 Food Podcasts That Won’t Make You Hungry

I first started listening to podcasts a few years ago when I upgraded from my cheap phone to my first iPhone. There’s so many podcasts out so it seems a bit overwhelming at times because there are so many choices. The podcasts I listen to range from fashion to entertainment to food. I’ve even listened to episodes from shows I’m not even subscribed to! One thing I like about podcasts are they make any kind of commute tolerable. If we’re going out of town and it’s a long drive, my boyfriend won’t listen to a few podcasts and saves them for the trip.

Earlier this year I was a TA for a Food Communication class that was about food podcasts. Every week the students listened to different podcasts relating to topics like cooking, wine, and even travel. Some of them I’d subscribe too if I liked the episodes enough. It’s interesting to think how many subtopics are underneath the “food” umbrella.

Just FYI, these podcasts are weekly.

Bon Appetit Foodcast

The Bon Appetit Foodcast comes from the Bon Appetit magazine. Every week, host Adam Rapoport interviews chefs, restauranteurs, and writers for a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on at the magazine and in the food world.

Food Heaven

Food Heaven looks more into the healthier side of things and takes more of a self-care approach. Wendy and Jess are both Registered Dietitians so they definitely know what they’re talking about. Learn about anything and everything from CBD oil to eating disorders. It does help that their voices are relaxing too.

Bad and Boozy

I came across this podcast on Twitter earlier this year. It’s fun to hear 2 girlfriends get together and just talk about wine and everything else life brings them. I’ve sipped on wine a couple times while listening to hosts SoSoLovely and DeeAsia Ali live their best sophistaratchet lives. To let everyone know how Bad and Boozy you really are, purchase merch from their website too.

Special Sauce by Serious Eats

Serious Eats is one of the podcasts I learned about as a TA earlier this year. Listeners can enjoy the commute every week while host Ed Levine converses with food legends like Ruth Reichl or looks deeper into how food is thought about in this age of information-overload.


Hungry yet? What podcasts do you listen to currently? Any food-related?