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My 3 Summer 2019 Obsessions

Summer is the time where everyone is trying to get outfits off because the sun is out and we all are having fun. Again, although it’s Florida it’s always “summertime” here. That’s really the only season we have. This season means more day parties, brunches, and just outings in general that requires full LEWKS. I have a few obsessions of my own that I want in my closet ASAP.

My summer 2019 obsessions aren’t anything crazy. These items are already in the stores or they are close to going on sale(my fave time to buy things).

Leopard Print Anything

Sugarlips Gianetta Leopard Print Slip Dress $27.97

It all started when I read a Glamour Magazine article about a leopard print skirt that everyone was wearing. It’s a midi skirt that works in any situation from casual to dressy. From there, I look at all the websites from Fashion Nova to Nordstrom Rack to Poshmark for anything with the print. I’ve found several dresses I want to pull the trigger on but I’m waiting. Right now, I’m feeling like the whole sneakers/dress outfit combo because of the mix of casual and cute.


Casted Metal Multi-Ring Set $10

After buying a whole bunch of stuff from ThredUP last month, I’m obsessed with my jewelry. Anything that can be stacked like midi rings, chokers, and bracelets are weasling their way into my wardrobe. I have to stop myself from buying more chokers and bracelets. Robert says I have a nice neck so I try to accentuate it and bring the eye to that area. It’s taking everything in me to not pull the trigger and not buy up any of those 2 things I can find. Stacking is such an effortless look and it makes any and every outfit look 10x cooler than before.

Classic Vans

Basic Slip-On $50

Vans are some of the most comfy shoes I own. I have several pairs in my closet but I’m choosing to go the classic route and get a basic color. A shoe in either black or white goes with so much and they can be dressed up with a cute dress or casual with a pair of jeans and t-shirt. I’m leaning towards buying 2 pairs of white Vans: one to tie dye and another to just wear out and about. We all need a basic white pair of casual shoes in our closet and Van are a staple.