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My Fall 2019 Trend Obsessions

Fall is swiftly approaching and that means it’s time for us to really start dressing. I don’t really require too much for this fall season; only a few basics. This time of year is for a little bit of layering and most of these things are in my closet already.

My fall 2019 trend obsessions are available in-stores for purchase right now.

Asymmetrical Neckline

Shape Brown Leopard Print Sleeveless One Shoulder Split Bodycon Dress $8.40

I’ve been seeing the asymmetrical neckline trend like one-shoulder items all over Instagram and the more I see it, the more I want to invest in it.  Asymmetrical tops, dresses, etc. work well for people who have gorgeous necks and clavicles. I think because of the attention one-shoulder necklines bring to that entire area, a pair of statement earrings or stacked necklaces is great decoration.


Plaid Blazer $89.90, Plaid Pants $49.90

I remember being in high school and going through a phase where all I wanted to wear were suits to dances. To me, suits stand out in a sea of dresses. Anytime I wore a suit, I felt powerful. Everything changed my entire demeanor: the way I walked, how I talked, and how I saw myself overall. Last year, I wanted to bring that same feeling back when I wore a suit to a wedding. It was refreshing knowing I could dance and whatnot without worrying about stepping on a train or something. I’m interested in getting men’s suits from the thrift store and getting them tailored. The ultra-relaxed fit of the slacks with an oversize blazer is enough to conjure up the feelings of power and being in charge.


Blue Side Ripped Denim Skirt $28.20

A miniskirt is an item I’ve rarely worn. I’m not sure why other than I guess I wasn’t comfortable in one but that’s changed in the last couple months. Denim skirts, miniskirts, and knee-length silk skirts are running through my mind for this season. Of course I’ll be wearing my sandals with them but I’ll be mixing and matching them with all the boots from combat to thigh-high this season.


Multi Rose Fantasy $87

I’ve been obsessing over boots more in the last couple years than I can remember. This fall, I’m all about cowboy and combat boots. This season, I want to try and wear them with my skirts and dresses. I’d like to get a pair of Doc Martens to bring grunge up a cute, frilly dress and bring it down casually.


Whitney Leather Bomber Jacket by Marc New York $199.99

I have a vintage men’s leather jacket that I’ve had for almost 10 years now and I don’t want to part with it. A new leather jacket is a good idea; we all could use some upgrades. Besides a jacket, a pair of leather shorts or leggings to wear boots with is on my list.