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Make-A-Wish Foundation’s 23rd annual Dishes and Wishes event gives kids a fighting chance

I had no idea how large the Make-W-Wish Foundation is in Florida. The Southern Florida chapter serves 22 counties from Hernando to the north all the way down south to Ft. Lauderdale and even the Virgin Islands. Make-A-Wish puts on an annual event to raise money to provide wishes to children called Dishes and Wishes. A few auctions fused with some food and drinks makes for a good time for a good cause.

I spoke to Regional Director Lisa Andrews all about this year’s Dishes and Wishes event held at Armature Works:

“Make-A-Wish Foundation is in the business of granting the wish of every child diagnosed with a critical illness, no matter how extravagant. In the United States and its territories, on average, a wish is granted every 34 minutes.

As for the Southern Florida Chapter of Make-A-Wish, the foundation covers 22 counties in Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Over the last three decades, the chapter has granted over 11,000 wishes. Last year alone 600 of those wishes were made to children and their families; 120 of wishes belonged to children in the Tampa Bay area. 

“The average wish for a child is $8,000. We include the entire family so that means anyone who lives in the household. We don’t want to leave anyone out,” explains Make-A-Wish Regional Director Lisa Andrews.

To help fundraise for the wishes, the Tampa Bay region throws an annual event called Dishes & Wishes. When the event first started over 20 years ago, its original name was “Night of the Iguana.” It was a pub crawl at the old Green Iguana in Ybor City. Unfortunately, attendance dwindled after the recession hit around 2008 (about when they Ray’s made their World Series debut).”

Dishes and Wishes is 10/25 from 7pm-11pm at Armature Works. Purchase tickets here. All proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. Will I see you there?

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