Dessert Wars is the perfect food festival for a cheat day

I love desserts. Curbing my sweet tooth can be challenging sometimes because I see all the crazy and over-the-top creations on Instagram. I indulge occasionally when I can but that’s going out of the window for the  day when Dessert Wars comes to town. Dessert Wars is a competition where local vendors come together and compete to see who wins top prize and bragging rights for the next year. It’s easy to see why the festival is so huge too. Scroll through their Instagram and you’ll see the most indulgent desserts ever.

The event comes to Tampa for the first time next month and it’s going to be amazing. Founder Brad Matthews told me all about it. As a fellow dessert lover, I’m glad he had the vision to start something like Dessert Wars:

“Dessert lovers, rejoice! An event entirely devoted to all things sweet comes to Tampa next month. Prepare yourself (and your stomach) for the ultimate cheat day. Dessert Wars is set for February 9 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Armature Works.

“It’s the most indulgent day. I have a sweet tooth so there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t eat some kind of dessert. It’s a way of life for me,” says founder Bradley Matthews. 

He created Dessert Wars because he wanted to his sugar-loving peers and share the intricate world of sweets with the masses. Matthews held his first Dessert Wars competition in 2016 in Miami with 32 vendors. He says it was so new at the time people didn’t quite understand the concept. 

“I looked around and there wasn’t anything else like it. I recruited, told people my vision, and I knew it would benefit them the most. They’re being put in front of their direct audience: dessert lovers,” Matthews tells CL. “

To read more, go here. Get your tickets here; VIP tickets are sold out but GA are still in limited supply.