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Exploring the Black-Owned Food Scene in Miami

I really believe to really know what a city is about, explore the food scene. Not only is it fun, but it makes the trip more interesting. Honestly, I could probably go to any city and just eat all the food and be satisfied. Last month, Robert and I went to Miami for an early birthday and did just that. When we go on trips, looking for spots to eat is a huge part. We’re interested in researching all the Black-owned restaurants in a city so we can go.

This trip was a bit different. It wasn’t “touristy”; we were just relaxing. Prior to my trip, I pitched my story to the editor at The Miami Times, South Florida’s oldest and largest Black newspaper. I was surprised it was approved yet super excited to write about my experience as an “outsider” exploring the Black-owned food scene in Miami. An excerpt:

“My travels to Miami have been the typical “touristy” kinds of trips where I visit the places we all see on the Travel Channel. Those trips usually involve visiting a museum of some kind and eating at restaurants with menu items made solely for Instagram. This trip down to SoFlo is a bit different. Although it was for my birthday, neither I nor my boyfriend were concerned with over-planning. We just wanted a change of scenery and to get away from Tampa for a spell.

The one thing we did plan were our restaurant visits. I feel that eating at local restaurants really teaches visitors a city’s culture. If you come to Tampa, its culinary influences range from ethnic foods to trendier options. Miami’s culinary influences are heavily Caribbean. Take a walk around Little Haiti or Little Havana and you’re in an entirely different world. This year, Robert and I are slowly getting away from the “pretty” restaurants and making the effort to explore the Black-owned food scenes of any city we’re in. We did it earlier a few months ago in New Orleans, where the Black-owned food scene is well-documented.

The Black-owned food scene in Miami isn’t known to anyone who isn’t from that area of Florida. Yes, I knew about Liberty City, Overtown and Miami Gardens but I had no idea they’d have some gems. I enjoy watching all the food shows that highlight various restaurants and cuisines, but I don’t recall the last time I saw any Miami Black-owned restaurants on those shows.”

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